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EUarbeiter is a German agency for employment services, based in Kempen.
Our specialization is primarily the polish labour market, concretely the market for practical qualifications.

During the past 15 years or so, big parts of the polish youth have sought to obtain technical and practical knowledge, instead of studying on a theoretical approach. As a result, polish workmen and craftsmen are very much in demand all over Europe, and are also renowned as superb competent and motivated workforce, in their fields of expertise.

Our agency has concentrated its efforts, during the past 2 years, into bringing together companies and polish labour force, mainly in Germany. Germany itself is experiencing vast shortages in terms of technically skilled workforce. Polish electricians, roofers, construction workers, scaffold builders, masons, assemblers, metal workers, engine fitters, welders, and many more occupations, are being constantly demanded and hired- temporarily as well as permanently.

We only focus upon crafts and practically skilled labour, not university graduates or executives.
After 2 years of successful presence on the German market, we decided to expand our activities to Canada, since many polish craftsmen have also an outstanding knowledge of the English language, and, on the other hand, Canadian companies are always looking out for excellent workers. On the basis of our expertise, we want offer you employment services of the best possible quality.

EUarbeiter also takes over the whole coordination process for you, starting with the thorough and conscientious search for the appropriate employee(s), but furthermore covering all the associated paperwork (travel organization, visas, proofs of certification etc.). We can also mediate in the sense of compiling broader working teams.

Our principle is that a good workman can be twice better, or more, in the right company. We never distance ourselves from this creed. We are confident that you too will be amazed with the results!
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